Humble beginnings

Admittedly, we started small. THird Window Cleaning started as just a small business being run from the backyard of a family home. The aim? To create a business where the client came first. Here at THird Window Cleaning we wanted the windows to be beaming, and the client behind them as well. That's why we've taken these last 6 years improving our services to try and provide what we feel is, the safest, simplest form of service we can provide.

Sept 2017

May 2018

The Upgrade

So in short, what do our services entail? As you look at the services section of our website you'll see it features the water fed pole technique. Why?

That's what many customers ask us... why? Why water fed pole technique? Wouldn't you be better off up there with a sponge and cloth?

The short and simple is no. In May 2018 a friend of mine showed me the Water Fed Pole system, and his explanation is what convinced me that this is the ultimate method, and I hope it'll do the same for you.

Water Fed Pole Technique

When you use soap, a sponge, and a squeegee, here's what happens. as the soap is applied on, it leaves a very fine layer all over the window. Brilliant, you might think. Not so, because that layer stays there and over months builds up, and it attracts more and more dirt each time you come.

This is where the water fed pole technique comes in. When we take the water out of the tap, it goes through a rigorous filtering process to refine it. this means that as it comes out of the pole on to the window, it leaves... you got it, absolutely no layer or film. In fact it does the opposite. the water is so pure, it essentially absorbs all the dirt, leaving a streak clean finish on your windows. Convinced to try it yet? Why not head on over to the quote section where you can try our method, and experience the brilliant water fed pole technique